GTAPR 3D Scenes Vol II (8 Scenes)

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Great Talks about Photo Realism by Bogdan Sasu is a book that promises to unveil the stories of some of the best international visualization artists in the industry.

We are so proud that GTAPR The Sequal is here…Stories in archviz are truly remarcable because they give you the opportunity to relate to other people, great people and the way they work, live, the way they do the little stuff that result in outcome of big things; they allow you to get inspired, and to feel as if you look in your own reflection along the way…

For the second volume, we have even more surprises! We came with new stories, from another 9 great artist that are ready to “rock & roll” and that gave their very best into this book. We are so grateful for meeting them, and being able to present them to you! For the first 100 copies we have an amazing price but with a catch: you don’t know who the artists are but you have our guaranty that they are the very best!!!