Arroway Design Craft Vol. 1

This collection contains 26 different leather texture sets. We carefully chose a wide range of types and styles of leather commonly used for furniture and interior decoration. Apart from a plethora of standard leathers, there are also various vintage and rustic leathers, leathers with special coatings and treatments, suede and split leathers, as well as a number of exotic leathers.

Along with a range of color variations, each texture primarily consists of a normal map and a reflectivity map, which play an essential role in producing authentic rendering results.

Additionally, a bump map is provided for cases where a normal map cannot be used. This map could also serve as a displacement map where appropriate, e.g. the exotic leathers.

Most textures come in two different size/resolution variants. One with a larger surface area (up to 2.5m²) at a lower resolution, and one that provides a higher resolution for a smaller area (up to 500dpi). This allows for both, large-scale applications on furniture, as well as small-scale applications in close-up.

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