Blender Addon – BagaPie Modifier Assets V10.4.2+Preset

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BagaPie Modifier is an addon that include parametric presets, scattering tools, random arrays…
We Introduced GeoPack in BagaPie, a new tool allowing you to turn your nodes into “addons” !

It is accompanied by BagaPie Assets which is fully integrated into BagaPie’s workflow.

  • Quick importer integrated in BagaPie
  • Asset Browser Integration
  • Simple importer (append & link)
  • Asset’s material displayed in BagaPie panel when selecting assets.
  • Draw assets array on surface (allow random position along array).
  • Most of materials allow tweak the season of the assets.
  • Randomise Material : Brightness, Saturation, Saison.
  • BagaPie Demo Files Available (based on EEVEE or Cycles).
  • 3 Nodes presets for animation (plant and grass)
  • Futures updates included.

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