CGAxis – Blocks Exterior Concrete Walls PBR Textures

100 textures of raw concrete walls, slabs, blocks and tiles. Including:

  • raw concrete walls
  • poured concrete wood
  • concrete slabs
  • concrete blocks
  • concrete slabs
  • patterned concrete tiles
  • painted concrete
  • lined concrete walls
  • cracked raw concrete
  • chiseled concrete

All textures are delivered in both 8K and 4K resolution.
Each texture includes eight maps, such as Ambient Occlusion, Diffuse/Color, Glossiness, Height/Displacement, Metalness, Normal, Reflection/Reflection, Roughness, and is ready for use in Specular/Glossiness and Metalness/Roughness workflows. Along with the PBR texture maps, you get ready-made materials for: 3ds max + V-Ray, Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity 3D (HDRP), SBSAR and JPEG format to compatible with most 3d software available.

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