Evermotion – Archmodels for UE5 vol. 8

Archmodels for UE5 vol. 8 includes a big city district scene and 50 complete city buildings – a huge set from which you can create an entire city district. We also included here several hundred smaller elements, such as trees, road signs, restaurant gardens, lamp posts, kiosks, bus stops, bicycles, etc. These elements give city credibility and life.

We made sure that there is no emptiness behind the glass – we placed 33 variants of parallax OSL maps in shop exposistions and glazed offices. So you can see fully equipped interiors behind glass windows. The parallax effect gives the impression of depth. All assets are carefully textured. We created 900 shaders, used 2044 textures, of which 156 are tiled. Most of the objects are converted to Nanite and the scene uses Virtual Textures, it makes the scene run smoothly. We recommend RTX 2080 Ti GPU or better.

Archinteriors for UE5 vol. 8 is an excellent source of models for creating your own city, blocking scenes, expanding the entire environment – whether in architectural or film applications. The scene is lit with Lumen, the lighting is dynamic and real-time.

Collection in numbers:

50 complete buildings
additional props (benches, kiosks, bins, bus stops, laneterns, bicycles, chairs, street props, greenery)
12,5 thousands of objects in the scene (over 355 mln tris)
33 OSL parallax maps
all objects are converted to Nanite except these with glass shaders

This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0+

Format:Unreal Engine

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