The amazing Lumion 11 Essential Training

FULL Character Creation Process – Tracer

This is the Bonus Contents for “Tracer” that is on my YouTube channel:

– YouTube Link:

This Character Package Contains The Following:

– 9+ Hours of Real Time Recording! (no audio)

(Online streaming available for slower internet speeds)

– Blend Files with Character / Materials / Lighting

– FBX files of the final results, for anyone who doesn’t use Blender.

– Hi-rez renders (for your phone’s wallpaper/ or desktop, and references)


* This is NOT a tutorial course, the 9 hour recording is without audio, it allows you to see the uncut process of sculpting and texturing this character to learn from that, keep that in mind 🙂

If you want in-depth courses on sculpting and texturing you can find them on my gumroad:

Same methods that I taught in these courses were used to create Tracer.

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