The Unreal Arsenal Learn C++ and Unreal Engine

Learn Programming and Game Development Fundamentals with C++ and Unreal Engine in this course for complete beginners!

What you’ll learn
– Learn C++ programming fundamentals through simple examples and illustrations
– Debugging and problem solving skills
– Learn how C++ is used in real-world projects, with examples from the Unreal Engine codebase
– Understand how intermediate C++ features, such as object oriented programming, inheritance and templates can be used in combination
– Apply your newly acquired C++ skills to game development fundamentals in Unreal Engine

– Windows PC capable of running Visual Studio and Unreal Engine.
– Dedication and willing to work hard.

If you’re looking for a curriculum to prepare you for a job as a C++ developer, or maybe your ambition is to develop your own indie games – the typical introductory C++ curriculum will not prepare you adequately for industry. Learning C++ concepts in isolation by writing simple console applications is not enough – you must learn to use intermediate features in combination. Intermediate topics such as object oriented programming, pointers, inheritance and templates can be intimidating to students, but I use simple examples, summaries and step by step illustrations throughout. Through Unreal Engine examples, I explain where specific language features are useful in a real world project. This will give you a much deeper understanding of those language features and not just how to use them, but why they are important to learn and remember and where they will be useful. Following the foundational modules, C++101 and C++102, you will learn to use intermediate C++ features in combination by programming game logic in Unreal Engine. Whether you have no programming experience, or are already familiar with a programming language and want to learn how to code game logic in Unreal Engine with C++, this course is for you! Unreal Engine 5 is slated to be released in 2022. Don’t wait, start learning C++ and Unreal Engine now. This course will be updated with Unreal Engine 5 content following the first stable release.

Who this course is for:
– Complete beginners.
– Aspiring C++ Programmers
– Aspiring independent game developers.
– Developers/Programmers who want to re-skill to game development.
– C# or Unity developers who want to broaden their skill set to boost job prospects.

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