Ultimate Lighting Course – In-Depth Tutorial

Ultimate Lighting – In-Depth Tutorial Course

Learn how a professional lighting artist works when creating lighting and mood for not only large and open environments but everything, from basic lighting theory and technical concepts to elevating portfolio, renders with great composition and clean presentation!


All the work will be done using the latest technological advancements in real-time lighting, from utilizing raytracing to lumens large-scale dynamic global illumination inside Unreal Engine 5

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to understand the basics and also complex concepts of what makes great lighting, as the devil is often in the details.
These concepts are essential and range from camera and exposure theory to the right way of thinking when approaching things that initially seem daunting.

16+ HOURS!

This course contains over 16+ hours of content – You can follow along with every single step – as these concepts shown are essentially applicable to any shape of content.

We will start by going over some often missed out basic concepts that will help you understand how to approach lighting in a new way.

After the fundamentals are out of the way, we will create some high-fidelity assets, vehicles, nature, sports cars, and even character renderings that can help you make your work shine in the best light ever!

Last but not least, we will tackle a big open-world scene, including a nice and cozy diner interior, to make sure we can establish something that works from macro to micro scale in a consistent and pleasing way while having fun exploring different lighting scenarios.


This course should have something for everyone, no matter the skill level, but it is definitely well suited to give newcomers a great base to build on while also having a little gem here and there for everyone who has done similar things for years already. The prop presentation section is definitely a great addition to every environment or prop artist’s skill set, as building a strong portfolio is of unmeasurable value these days.


  • Photoshop
  • Unreal Engine 5


This course does not come with any source files. This is due to us not owning the copyright to the environments and props. But you can apply the skills learned in this course to any prop or environment.

RealBiomes are Dekogon were kind enough to supply their environments for us to use as an example. You can find the link to these products in a text document delivered with the source files.


Tilmann Milde is a lighting and art director at EA with over 10 years in the AAA Game Industry. He’s worked on titles such as the Star Wars Battlefront series, Battlefield, Alan Wake 2, Dead Island 2, Dreadnought, as well as the just recently announced DUNE game by Funcom


There’s a total of 24 videos split into different sections that build on one another.
All the videos will have logical naming and are numbered to make it easy to find exactly the ones you want to follow.

Subtitles are offered for this tutorial in English, Spanish, and Chinese.
Please note the subtitles are auto-generated and might not always be 100% accurate.

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