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FULL Character Creation Process – Vi

This is the Bonus Contents for “Vi” that is on my YouTube channel:

– YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/yansculpts

This Character Package Contains The Following:

– 22 Hours of Real Time Recording! (no audio)

(Online streaming available for slower internet speeds)

– Blend Files with Character / Materials / Lighting

– FBX files of the final results, for anyone who doesn’t use Blender.

– Hi-rez renders (for your phone’s wallpaper/ or desktop, and references)


* This is NOT a tutorial course, the 22 hour recording is without audio, it allows you to see the uncut process of sculpting and texturing this character to learn from that, keep that in mind 🙂

If you want in-depth courses on sculpting and texturing you can find them on my gumroad: https://www.gumroad.com/yansculpts

Same methods that I taught in these courses were used to create Vi.

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