VRSCANS (1033 VRScans Materials)

The VRSCANS scanning material library contains 14 categories and 1032 VRSCANS scanning materials, totaling 130G, all of which contain preview images.

Applicable to all platforms Vray 3.6 and above, VRSCANS scans materials based on real materials,

The accuracy is very high, taking the fabric as an example, the fuzz on the connecting head can be seen.

Very realistic, suitable for art creators who require very high rendering effects.

Beyond texture mapping

VRscans provide photo quality and realistic feedback on lighting

Perfect match with the actual product

Your 3D model will look exactly the same as the actual product,

Preset or custom adjustment

VRscans can be used by downplaying. It can be used directly as a real material, or you can further adjust your own material.

V-RAY native support

VRscans were created by the team that wrote V-Ray. These two products can work perfectly together.

Fast workflow

Simply drag and search to use photo grade materials. Materials that used to take several hours to polish now only require a few clicks.

Rich choices

Choose from over 1000 pre scanned, ready to use materials.

VRSCANS material library

The VRscans material library contains over 1000 pre scanned materials, which can be added for rendering in 3ds Max, Maya, SketchUp, Rhino, and Revit. A constantly growing material library, including car paint, fabric, leather, wood, plastic, metal, and more types of materials.

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