C4D Motion Training: From the Basics to Master Level

Hi, I’m Art Director Woosung Kang.

From my time starting off
as a Lead Motion Designer
at the industry-leading company The Mill,
to becoming an Art Director there,
I’ve collaborated with global brands
such as Google, Amazon, and Samsung.

Aside from working in corporate,
I partook in various movies, music videos,
and video games like:
Ghost in the Shell (2017), Charlie’s Angels (2019),
Apex Legends (2019), and Destiny 2 (2017).

I’m especially proud of my work
for HBO’s True Detective 3
and my collaboration with JAY-Z
for his music video The Story of O.J.,
as they both went on to receive award nominations:
one was for Outstanding Main Title Design at the Emmys in 2019,
and the other at the Grammys for Best Music Video of 2017.

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