Learn Car Modeling and Rendering From Start to Finish Tutorial

Learn how to model and render cars using Cinema 4D and V-Ray 5.

What you’ll learn

Complete car project creation with Cinema 4D and V-Ray 5.
Modeling with Cinema 4D.
Rendering with V-Ray 5.
Car Modelling
Car Exterior Modelling
Car Cabin Modelling
Car Scene Setup.
Car UV Mapping.
Car Rendering.


The desire to learn.
Loving cars.
Basic Cinema 4D and V-Ray knowledge.

In this training, we are going on a long-term adventure with you. In this adventure, how to model all the cars in the world, which stages you can create a car by itself.We will model for both non-car and car. In this process, we will produce the UV Map of the car we are modelling. We will prepare all the Textures and materials. Then we will get the best light settings and the best camera angles, settings. We will make a very special scene for our model. And we’re going to adjust the render settings for great rendering. From modeling to opening a UV Map, from UV Map to texture and material, from texture and material to lighting, from lighting to camera settings and the latest render settings, you will learn it all in this tutorial. At the end of the training, you will be modeling and rendering all the cars in the world. When you complete the training from start to finish, you will have acquired a great skill for yourself. You have to follow every detail by seeing the lesson. This training is silent throughout. Just follow me and keep going. Do not forget to ask questions at the place where you are stuck.Please note that before you start the training, the training is quiet and when you get stuck somewhere you will ask me questions.

Throughout this learning…

We will do the modeling and rendering of the car named “Bugatti Chiron Sport 2021”, one of the luxury car brands of the world, together with you. Do not forget to ask me questions during the process, even at the slightest point. I’m going to break up car creation into parts. We will go according to a syllabus. But I want to mention something here ; This training is a very detailed training. It is a training that can take hundreds of time. So this training will be an updated training. It will take a long time to finish. During this process, I will include the completed stages in the training. The tutorial will start from modeling and end under rendering. During this process, please do not think that the training is over when there is no video left in the training. Note that I did that part then.I’m going to break up the car tutorial into sections. Here is our curriculum;

– Out of Car Modelling

– In Vehicle Modelling

– UV Opening

– Texture and Material Making

– Light Settings

– Camera Settings

– Scene Setup for Car Render from Scratch

– Render Settings

When this entire curriculum is in education, the education will be over.

This training will be a minimum of 150 hours.

Regardless of your age, you can follow this training and learn a new skill for yourself.

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