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Are you a motion graphics artist and want to add Houdini to your tool belt?

Then I welcome you to the Houdini For Motion Graphics course.

Why Should You Learn From Me:

Hello, my name is Shahzad Ahmad. I am a Houdini FX Artist. I am passionate about creating Visual Effects (explosions, smokes, fire, clouds, dust, particles, magic, etc.), as well as all kinds of destruction and fluids. I am a self-taught Artist. And I love watching science documentaries and Sci-Fi movies!

By the end of this course:

  • You will be able to Create Motion Graphics With Houdini.
  • You will be able to Create Audio Reactive Animation.
  • You will be able to Create Data Visualisation.
  • You will be able to Create a Growth Solver.
  • You will be able to Create Falloff Effectors.

What You Will Learn:

  • Houdini procedural workflow
  • Sidefx labs tools installation
  • Sweeping Geometry
  • Scattering multiple objects
  • Working with Clones
  • Creating Falloff Effectors
  • Importing CSV Data
  • Maps based extrusion
  • Path Deformation
  • Building pyro simulation network
  • Create particles FX
  • Creating Bubbles
  • Create rigid body simulations
  • Geometry fracturing techniques
  • Working with vellum solver
  • Vellum constraints
  • Rendering with Karma XPU

Is This Course Right For You:

I have designed this course for motion graphics artists who want to learn Houdini.

What You Should Know Before Taking The Course

  • I expect you to have some sort of basic knowledge of Houdini interface.
  • You should have Houdini 20 installed on your computer.

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